Wedding & Event Insurance

Protection for your big day

You may only need a simple liability policy for the event venue or you may need a bit more coverage.  Either way, you can customize your plan.


What You Get

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    Protect yourself from accidents such as slip and falls, property damage, theft, and more.

  • Loss

    Protect yourself against loss or theft.

  • Cancellation

    Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Don't forget your bling!

A separate policy for jewelry can be your best solution, for several reasons:

1. Separate claim. Buying a jewelry policy avoids the premium increases or nonrenewal that may result from a homeowner’s or renter’s claim.

2. No deductible can be an option with a separate policy.

3. The broadest valuation options and causes of loss or damage are available because jewelry policies specifically address common sources of claims such as “mysterious disappearance,” and they routinely cover replacement cost.