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Artisan Contractors

Beyond the Basics - Specialty Insurance Programs for Artisan Contractors

Specialty Insurance for Artisan Contractors

Your practice, no matter the size, requires the right insurance.  You work hard for your business and your insurance broker should work hard for you.  We craft the right insurance coverage for you, make sure that the coverage is still appropriate for you throughout the year, and we review your policies annually.  Coverage considerations include:

Professional Liability

Property Insurance

General Liability

Workers' Compensation

Employment Practices Liability

Crime Insurance

Umbrella Liability

We have protection for your business craft.  Whether you are a plumber, electrician, HVAC, painter, or more, we've got you covered.

Insurance for Artisan Contractors | Working Carpenter

Insurance Claim Examples

General scenarios where having an insurance cover would help your Artisan Contractor business.

General Liability Claim Examples

A plumber in a residential home was working when a household member tripped over some tools and broke a bone.   

Professional Liability Claim Examples

An HVAC system was installed improperly, causing mold to grow in the home, making people sick.  

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